Networking is a matter of creating useful linkages both within and among organizations individuals and societies with similar objectives in order to mobilize resources and realize their goals.

Like coalition building, networking is grounded on the notion that organizations who pool their resources have a greater ability to advance their interests.

Connections formed through networking can be useful in broadening the research and knowledge base of social campaigns and generating new resources and backing for their efforts. Establishing alliances also makes it easier for organizations to gain help from support groups and allies who support their goals.

Insofar as those who coordinate their activities and share resources have a greater chance of success, networking often empowers groups and helps to give people a real voice in decisions that affect them. Through networking, individuals also may develop relationships with third party neutrals as well as adversaries, which ultimately may make it easier for them to come to some sort of agreement in current or future disputes.

In order to ensure the realization of the goals and aspirations of the founding fathers of Management development and Training Institutions (MDIs) in West Africa, it was found to be of urgent imperative for the concerned institutions to link up with one another in order to effectively pool the necessary resources that can assist them cope with the ever-increasing challenges faced by the MDIs on regular basis.

This was the understanding that led to the formation of the West African Management Development Institutes (WAMDEVIN) in the year 1987.

WAMDEVIN member institutions, prior to this time, never had any umbrella body belonging to all of them in the area of their operations.

WAMDEVIN, since its creation has made some indelible marks in promoting capacity building and skills development of both faculty and non faculty staff in member organizations by bringing them together in sharing learning experiences and sponsoring new and existing courses for improving training and managerial skills.

This has been achieved through collaboration with bilateral and multi-lateral institutions, donors and organizations such as the Commonwealth Secretariat, Business Schools and the agencies of the United Nations Organisations.

We have also linked up with many associations and other Networks across the globe in the realization of our aims and objectives.

To consistently maintain its leading role in the West African sub-region and the comity of networks the world over, WAMDEVIN is determined to continually serve its clientele through the instrumentality of promotion of best practices in the fields of research, publication, management consultancy and human capital development.

WAMDEVIN is hereby extending her hands of fellowship to all relevant stakeholders from across the globe to network with us in the areas of promotion of best practices within the broad spectrum of human capital development.

S. K. Olowe, Ph.D.                                                                                                                      Executive Secretary